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Caroline Joan Peixoto photographed classical ballet students at rehearsal in Rwanda’s only classical ballet school. This school has given the Kigali community incredible hope as the first post-genocide ballet school.

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Catch the Snow…

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Sei mai andato oltre il bacio? - Si, l’ho fatta sorridere. - web - http://prclick.postaffiliatepro.com/scripts/click.php?a_aid=547753ddc7f52&a_bid=aefbcc04 …

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A Nenet boy plays in -40 degree weather on the Yamal peninsula in Siberia. (Photo Credit: Simon Morris)

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enf@nces by ao-ma-me || http://ift.tt/1BXKNFl

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Boy and His Rooster by LastFlightOut || http://ift.tt/1aUAdTH

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Parenting…you’re doing it right.

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